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Rogue Mobile Detailing recommends Ceramic Coating to protects against pollutants in the air that would get stuck in the pores of your paint. Not only does it give an added layer of protection against pollutants, but it also protects against UV rays, chemicals and water.

Options for Ceramic Coating:

  • Exterior Surfaces 

  • Wheels and Glass 

  • Interior Surfaces 

  • Leather Seats 



We remove unsightly scratches and restore those lenses to maintain the functionality and safety of your vehicle. 


  • Odor Removal

  • Pet Hair Removal 

  • Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

  • Shampoo Carpets

  • Shampoo Seats

  • Mud Removal

  • Engine Cleaning 

  • Clay Bar

  • Ceramic Coat Interior

  • Ceramic Coat Wheels and Glass 

  • Pre-sale Detail

  • Headlight Restoration 

  • Debadging 

Please remove all personal belongings prior to your appointment
24- Hour Cancellation Notice is Required or a $50 Fee Will Apply. Fees May Also Apply For Excessive Dirt, Soiled Interior, Pet Hair or Removal of Trash and Odors.
Rogue Mobile Detailing will not be held liable for cosmetic defects in vehicle due to services performed. Items included but not limited to defects in paint, upholstery, mechanical or other operational issues. In some instances we may require a signed waiver prior to the start of services.

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